Orientation Day for Parents of New Students

Parents of new students are invited to join the Orientation Day before school starts, so they can:

  • understand their child’s physical and emotional changes at the fresh beginning of school and thus help them get adapted to the new school life.
  • know their child’s schedule at school.
  • gain a better understanding of our school service and procedures for applying for the Fee Remission Scheme.
  • learn more about our school and ask us questions.
  • receive a parents’ handbook which covers the above information as a reminder.

Orientation for New Students - “Parent-Child Activity Day”

We hold different orientation activities for new students every year to help children get familiar with the school. The “Parent-Child Activity Day” engages both parents and their children in fun activities, creating a relaxed atmosphere for them to learn about our school environment and facilities and for developing children’s interests in going to school. These unforgettable experiences will help children make the transition to our school easier.

Parents' Day before the New Semester

Before a new semester starts, parents are invited to meet with the class teacher of the school year on the Parents’ Day. This enables parents to:


  • Gain a better understanding of the school and develop a sense of belongingness and identity.
  • Know the school services, school affairs and activities in the coming school year.
  • Learn about the school-based curriculum features and progress.