National Security Education and Moral Education Curriculum

  To promote the respect for the national flag, national emblem and national anthem, and to help students get familiar with the history and spirit of China, a flag-raising ceremony at which the national anthem will be sung is held weekly and on the first day of the New Year (1st January), the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (1th July), National Day (1st October), the first day of school, graduation ceremony and other special occasions.

  Our teachers also help students learn about Chinese traditional festivals, music, art and teach them to show appreciation for Chinese traditional cultures through storytelling, role playing, pictures, nursery rhymes, dancing and other activities, as well as through reading picture books or books about Chinese history, culture and ethics.

Activities Highlights

Good morality of young children is the foundation of whole person education. The school adds moral education to the curriculum and uses life-oriented themes to provide children with learning experience and enhance their whole person development.

The school has participated in the “The Moral and Civic Education Award Fund” Scheme for many years, and each time it has been awarded an award by the organizer, allowing the school to receive rewards and encouragement.

Activities Highlights

“The Moral and Civic Education Award Fund”

Academic years Themes
2007-2008 The Pride of Chinese People
2010-2011 Rights of Children
2012-2013 Early Childhood Environmental Education
2013-2014 Love at the Starting Point
2014-2015 Nurturing Virtues and Values in Children
2015-2016 Be a Good Citizen
2016-2017 Inter-generational Harmony; Smoke Free Homes
2017-2018 Use Less, Waste Less, Cherish Nature
2018-2019 Healthy Lifestyle Starting from Early Childhood
2019-2020 Building Caring Communities
2020-2021 Building an Inclusive Society
2021-2022 Cultivating Virtues at Young Age
2022-2023 Polite Children Act with Ours