辦學宗旨 Our Vision



We pledge to carry out the principle of “serving the community in the spirit of benevolence”;

to provide quality holistic education and to prepare our students to be the pillars of our country.






  • 建立積極進取的學習態度,
  • 培養良好的德性及群性,
  • 啟發創意思維,
  • 展現個人潛能
  • 達至全人發展


Our Beliefs and Missions

We all go on a journey of life-long learning. Childhood upbringing has far-reaching influences on personal growth. We believe that children, if learning in a joyful and eventful environment, can:

  • establish a proactive learning attitude;
  • foster positive virtues and morality;
  • have creative thinking;
  • fulfill their potential;
  • achieve holistic development.









Our Motto

We strive to promote the idea of children-centered teaching and place importance on their needs in their growth. Loving, respecting and caring for every child, we join hands with parents in the nurture of their children, so that they can:


Learn with Joy and Grow Up with Happiness